In the rural areas of Kenya there are wild animals that love to eat any food that is grown by the locals. This is a big problem for people who are barely above starvation level at this time.

This is a problem on an ongoing basis because in the rural areas of Kenya there are wild animals that love to eat any food that is grown by the locals. A few nights ago I received 5 pictures of wonderful veggies waiting to be picked and eaten, but by the morning a herd of elephants had come through and eaten them all – very heart breaking and devastating.

A while ago we had built a similar vegetable field with water from one of the reservoirs we had constructed and the main crop in that area was corn maize, looking big and healthy. This maize is used in the daily meal common to most maasai – called ugali. Things were looking really good until the next day when we discovered that the baboons had found a way to get over the electric fence that surrounded the garden of corn maize and it was ALL gone.

So there are challenges that are very hard to eliminate. We are now working on finding out the cost of a greenhouse so as funds provide, we can provide a green house for each community to grow the more nourishing food items needed in the maasai diet and taken away by elephants, monkeys, baboons, sometimes lions, sometimes leopards etc.

As there is no electricity in any of these communities things have to be grown and eaten while fresh so freezing is not an option, although we are hoping for electricity sometime in the next decade (with fingers crossed because after all This Is Kenya)

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