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Helping Maasai Communities in Kenya Meet the Challenges of Our Times

We are a small foundation but we try to have a big impact on the small local Maasai communities in Kenya.  These communities are underserved or ignored by the country's government and they struggle to meet the needs of their daily lives.  The Sterling Africa Foundation helps dig wells, create water catchment systems, build schools and dormitories, educate children and women, teach agriculture and alternative farming methods, and found a medical clinic.

We believe that every child should have access to clean water, food, education and medical services.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide For The Needs of Life

Our Mission is to provide for the basic needs of life to underprivileged people primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa​​, particularly the Maasai Mara. 


We strive to improve their immediate and long term living conditions by providing  assistance with health care, potable water, energy, education, and medical services.


Our Vision

Create Self-Sufficiency

We hope to see the Maasai communities and other similarly disadvantaged African communities become self-sufficient, educated and healthy.

Our History


Sterling & Paula Hammack traveled to Africa for photo safaris and were enchanted by the Maasai guides they met and interested in the Maasai people's communities and lives. After Sterling passed away, Paula focused her energy on helping the Maasai communities that she and Sterling had visited (and other nearby communities) and she founded the Foundation in Sterling's name to expand the resources needed to assist the disadvantaged families and communities she visited.


We Need Your Support Today!

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