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These are some Foundation Projects that we are excited to share

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    Children & Traditional Beliefs

    In the past Maasai families lived exclusively off their cattle and other animals. The wealth of a family was determined by 2 things – the number of children you had (the more the wealthier) and the number of cows you had (the more the wealthier) - there was no money, cows were currency. This has led to overpopulation and hunger. The older generation does not want to change, but change needs to occur to create a sustainable future for the people.

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    In the rural areas of Kenya there are wild animals that love to eat any food that is grown by the locals. This is a big problem for people who are barely above starvation level at this time.

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    Namunyak Girls School

    This K-12 girl's school houses 400 students in ultra crowded conditions with 70 girls per class and 4 sharing each bed. We have built a new dorm (120 beds) and 5 classrooms that will open before the end of 2019.

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    As the population continues to grow so there are always more children needing to attend school; the need for schools, dormitories and school supplies continues to grow.

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    The Foundation strives to develop sustainable sources of income for the modernizing and increasingly overpopulated areas we provide help to.

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    The Sterling Academy

    The Sterling Academy opened in 2016 in
    a previously unserved community.
    In the 3 yrs since opening, we've gone from an enrollment of only 35 students, we now have
    over 150 students and a list of potential students waiting for a new dorm to be built.

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    The Sterling Africa Foundation has worked from its start to make it easier for people to access clean, safe water. Over 7 boreholes, 9 water catchment systems, troughs for livestock and cisterns and storage tanks for people. 100's of Life Straws. The Hammack Foundation has worked from its start to make it easier for people to access clean, safe water. Personal Life Straws filter 99.9% of contaminants out of water which enables people to drink water where they find it, as they find it, without the need for sterilization by boiling. This makes it faster, easier, and saves firewood and all the time, troubles and dangers associated with it. Community Life Straws in schools provide water for students and staff alike. Catchment systems that collect rainfall from roofs stretch a days deluge into a month long supply.
    Water is life, and you can help us supply it.


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Sterling Africa Foundation supports certain disadvantaged Maasai communities in Kenya.  Click here for more Information.  The Sterling Africa Foundation was formerly known as the Sterling Hammack Foundation.  We have rebranded to emphasize our focus on helping the Maasai communities in Africa.


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