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News: Food Crisis During Covid

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

This is the problem we are facing - when the Foundation bought food to the Maasai communities in Kenya, our local volunteers were overwhelmed by the numbers turning up to receive food. It is beyond tragic that the government of Kenya does nothing to provide minimum basics for their people.

People Line up to get food outside the Naishorua Medical Clinic

The Foundation sent money to provide food for more rural Maasai people who have no food at all. It was distributed at the clinic built by the Foundation and about 150 people were expected but the estimate is that over 300 people turned up. You can see in the pictures how remote this area is and in normal days it’s an effort to get food - in these Covid 19 days it’s close to impossible.

The vehicle used to buy the food became stuck in mud from this year's unusual never-ending rains (the rains have caused huge problems also) and had to be dug out - there are no paved roads thanks to a government that does next to nothing for the thousands who live in rural areas.


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