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Namunyak Girls School

This K-12 girl's school houses 400 students in ultra crowded conditions with 70 girls per class and 4 sharing each bed. We have built a new dorm (120 beds) and 5 classrooms that will open before the end of 2019.

Our Foundation was asked by a local leader in the town of Lemek, Kenya to help correct major issues with the Namunyak girls school. When we went to see, it was appalling that there were often 70 girls per classroom, 4 to a bed in the dormitory and no funding from anyone to correct this detriment to learning. We have just completed the girls new dormitory with 120 beds which will substantially ease the overcrowding, and we are working on providing up to 5 new classrooms to ease the overcrowding there as well. We had to deal with a corrupt school principal but experience has taught us how and all our funding went to the building of the dormitory and not in anyone's pocket.

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