As the population continues to grow so there are always more children needing to attend school; the need for schools, dormitories and school supplies continues to grow.

Our foundation has been heavily involved in building schools, adding classrooms, providing computers, and much more as follows. Children attending school are required to buy their own books and pens – none provided by the government. It is about a $700 expense once a year to buy those items for one school – Endoinya Erinka Primary Boarding School is that one. Others have to find a way to get funding for school materials. The kids have to buy their school uniforms also as well as pay for the education itself. No free education in Kenya. Schools are often ignored by authorities, over crowded, corrupt head masters etc – but we have been able to correct this where we provide help. We pay for over 100 children to attend primary school now, our supporters pay for another 18 children to go to high school, and we are now on the third person who will graduate from University courtesy of our foundation. At one school which is re-opening September 1, we have provided money for latrines as the old ones were demolished in the flooding earlier this year and as usual there is no one willing to step up and provide income for new latrines. Everywhere we provide assistance, ending up with a lot more students, there is always a need for more teacher housing, more water catchment systems, more solar panels to run computers, more computers etc. We see no end in sight as the population continues to grow so there are always more children needing to attend school.

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Sterling Africa Foundation supports certain disadvantaged Maasai communities in Kenya.  Click here for more Information.  The Sterling Africa Foundation was formerly known as the Sterling Hammack Foundation.  We have rebranded to emphasize our focus on helping the Maasai communities in Africa.


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