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The Sterling Academy

The Sterling Academy opened in 2016 in
a previously unserved community.
In the 3 yrs since opening, we've gone from an enrollment of only 35 students, we now have
over 150 students and a list of potential students waiting for a new dorm to be built.

In 2016 we built a school that was eventually named The Sterling Academy in a community called Narasha where there had been no school of any kind previously. First year enrollment was 35 students and currently 2020 enrollment will be around 151 students. The original school was one building with 4 classrooms and a separate building with 3 unused rooms. In addition we had to build housing for the teachers as it is a very rural area with no buildings in sight – we also built latrines, we put in a playground for the kids, and we had to put in a water system with a huge underground tank and piping to the school buildings – quite a feat in such a remote area. This year we are building, and have almost completed a 120 room dormitory so that children from too far away to walk to and from school each day can go to school and board. We were not (yet) able to fund a dorm for the girls and a dorm for the boys, so we did one dorm and it will shortly be divided in two – 60 beds for the boys and 60 beds for the girls. We are now trying to find funding for additional teacher housing, for a room where the kids can meet to eat their meals and congregate and a water well and several other such items. Most of these children parents do not have money at all let alone money for school – cost to board a child at school per year is around $250.00

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